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The Forum is named after the academy founded by Aristotle. The main aim of the Forum is to provide a platform for the students of Political Science to voice their views and opinions as well as discuss issues of political, social and economic importance which affect the individual, the state and the world. The Forum helps students to develop general awareness and showcase their oratory, writing and acting skills in various competitions like Quiz, Nukkad Natak, Elocution, Extempore, Declamation and Paper Presentations, visits to Government Institutions are also organized by the department to give students a fair idea of how our country works.


Athenaeum is a forum meant for the students of English Literature. It seeks to inculcate love for all things of a literary nature, to stimulate creativity in every student, to encourage a love for research and critical thinking and to provide a platform for budding writers. The Forum organizes various events - Annual English Play, visit to Jaipur Literature Festival, Pegasus Lit-Fest, Annual English Debate and visit to Delhi World Book Fair. This stimulates innovation in students and motivates them think critically and broadens their horizons in Literature. Students are also taken to academic conferences, seminars and workshops in order to encourage acumen for research in English Literature. The forum also organizes in- house national and international conferences, seminars and workshops that enables the student to learn more and explore more.


‘ARTH-NITI’ is the Economics forum which aims to develop a better understanding of the present economic structure of the country among the youthful economists. To develop the enthusiasm among its students regarding research and to boost the spirit of enquiry among them, the Forum organizes National Conference, field visits, surveys, internships, Student and Faculty Exchange Programme round the year. Various informative talks, workshops and lectures are organized by the Forum to make students aware of diverse economic concepts and current issues. To make learning interesting, Eco-Fest is also organized by the Forum which displays a holistic combination of excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. Under its Outreach Programme, the Forum plans visits to the North East, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and various parts of the country to gain an in-depth knowledge of the economic status of the Country.


Prakriti aims to encourage students to appreciate the natural bounties, artistic realms of life and understand nuances of human life ranging from different cultures, gender differences, and multitude of race and in effect explore human resources. Various conferences, seminars, workshops, educational tours, surveys, field visits, Student and Faculty Exchange Programme etc. are conducted every year to understand the discipline of Geography better.


The Forum aims at enlightening its students with knowledge and wisdom. It encourages them to take active interest in the subject for which it organizes various creative writing and other language proficiency related competitions. The Annual Hindi Debate is the chief event of the forum. It also celebrates some prominent days throughout the year with an aim of strengthening the roots of the subject.


‘Khanqah’ the History forum aims to create a formal network for the community of historians and develop a better understanding of the present socio-economic and political problems afflicting the country. The Forum also aims to break the popular misconceptions and stereotypes by an unbiased reading of the historical events. The Forum undertakes Annual Educational Trips to places of historical significance like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Bharatpur, Gwalior, Orchha, Khajuraho, Udaygiri, Sanchi, Bhopal, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur et al. to promote learning of and sensitivity towards Indian heritage & culture. The Forum in association with ‘Lyceum’, the forum of Department of Political Science organizes regular talks on India-Foreign relations. Students are also taken to Ajmer Museum & academic conferences such as the ‘Rajasthan History Congress’ each year, in order to encourage acumen for research in History.


The Home Science Forum aims to discover, share and cultivate the hidden potential of students in domestic sciences ranging from understanding international nutrition standards to going on industrial visits. This Forum is the perfect way to bridge the difference between theory and practical knowledge. Students are taken to various field visits. Some of the activities conducted by the Forum are Educational trips, Field trips, Nukkad Nataks, and Nutrition fest. This gives the students the platform to perform and showcase their talents and build their critical thinking skills. <


As global society is moving towards a knowledge society with proliferation of learning and research institutes the demand and importance of Library and Information Science (LIS) is growing rapidly. It is an interdisciplinary, professional, job oriented discipline. Library and Information professionals are to manage collections of information resources, evaluate, analyze, organize, package, and present information and train people in its usage. The purpose of the Ranganathan Forum is to stimulate and promote the students with theories, practices and research in the field of library and information science with modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The Forum organizes Group Discussions, Debates, Quiz Competitions, Seminars, educational visits to familiarize students with current trends and development in the area of LIS.


The Forum aims at developing the personality of the students and deepening their understanding of the subject. It also aims at harboring sensitivity and empathetic understanding among the students. The Forum undertakes Annual field visits to orphanages, old age homes, special school, NGOs and psychiatric wards of hospitals to promote a better understanding of practical aspect of the subject.


‘Socius’ or companion as the name suggests, provides a general perspective to students to understand the social events that occur in day to day life. The Forum enables the students to observe such phenomena in a scientific and objective manner. It is also a platform for the students to actively participate and learn about their social surroundings through excursions, interactive surveys, talks and interdisciplinary brain storming sessions. The Forum organizes seminars and competitions to endow its students with the required knowledge and skills. The students are taken to various places across the state to conduct case studies and draw fruitful conclusions on the various aspects of society.


‘Orchid’ the Botany Forum organizes activities round the year to make students aware about the importance of whole range of plant-like organisms such as algae, lichens, ferns, fungi, mosses along with actual plants. Educational Trips to promote research acumen among students are organized on a regular basis to places like NRCSS Tabiji, Saras Dairy farm, etc. Various informative Talks are conducted by the Department on Research Methodology and climate change. Talks on career guidance are also conducted to help the students introspect on the wide horizons of career opportunities to pursue. The Department also organizes Annual picnics to provide students an opportunity to unwind.


The Zoology forum aims to bring out the hidden potential and talents of the students. It encourages them to think out of the box by going beyond the syllabus and classroom atmosphere. Its objective is to impart knowledge and to develop love for the fauna around them by conducting activities like excursions, jam sessions, quiz, field trip and surveys etc.


‘Catalyst’ as the Chemistry Forum aims to develop an understanding of discipline as one of the physical sciences that help us to describe and explain our world. The Forum organizes Seminars, Conferences, and Experts’ lectures on a regular basis to awaken the interest of the students and motivate them towards scientific Researches. Talks related to guidance about careers in Chemistry are also organized in the Department. To keep the fun alive, the Forum also organizes Departmental picnics every year.


This Forum organizes Seminars, Quiz Competitions and Group Discussions for students of the Faculty of Science with Physics and Mathematics as their optional subjects. Inspired by the ideas of the great visionary Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, this Forum aims at nurturing creative thinking, innovation and research aptitude of students. The Departments strongly believe in activity based learning and organizes activities that help the students enhance their creativity, presentation and life skills.


To keep pace with the fast changing IT scenario, the Forum aims at imparting latest IT knowledge to its students.

The Forum conducts National Seminars on pertinent topics related to IT and Research and hosts an ‘IT week’ where students get an opportunity to participate in PPT presentation, poster, collage making competitions and quiz. The Forum holds regular ‘Career Talks’ to provide information regarding possible career options in the field and to hone the group discussion & interview skills of students. As a retreat from the routine schedule, the Department also holds an Annual picnic


The Commerce forum orients the students to the requirements of diverse fields of Commerce and strives to update their knowledge with the latest trends. The Forum organizes lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences for the intellectual development of the students. Students are taken for outreach programs to villages, orphanages and old age homes to engage in experiential learning. Educational trips form an important part of the all round development of the students, encouraging learning through enjoyment. Students participate in Exchange Programs thereby learning through exchange of ideas and viewpoints.


The major objective of the Forum is to provide a platform to the students of Management to develop their communication, analytical and presentation skills through various management games and activities such as Business Quiz, Industrial Visit, Case-Study, Brainstorming Sessions, Group-Discussions, and Guest Lectures etc.

The Christian students have carved a separate niche for themselves as they meet regularly to enrich themselves spiritually. As they are the gospel bearers, they have christened themselves the Good News Group. They meet for regular sessions of praise and worship, have Bible Quiz Competitions, Poster Making Competitions on Biblical themes and engage themselves in numerous interesting activities. The Good News Group engages like-minded students geared towards spiritual growth and social service, a forum where we discuss scriptures, share testimonies and understand life. activities.
As the name suggests, it is a club where compelling movies are screened, debated, analyzed and reviewed by the students. The Club exposes the students to the world of cinema as a serious art form and also opens up to them the possibilities of careers as film critics, art directors, directors, cinematographers etc.
The Club brings together students who are gifted in vocal and instrumental art. It hones their respective skills and provides them a platform to display their talent. The Club is responsible for organizing solo song competitions, antakshari, group song competitions, instrumental musical nights etc.
The Nature Club saw its inception in 2002 to enlighten students about the environmental damage faced by the living planet Earth. This Club aims at making students pro-active towards saving the environment through regular lectures by renowned Environmentalists, Excursions, Trekking, Paper presentations, Quiz Competitions and celebrating the Eco-week etc. It brings together the students of all Faculties and tries to equip them with means for protecting and saving environment against many hazards.
The National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.) develops qualities of courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, and secular outlook, a spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and selfless service among youth. To enlighten the spark of patriotism in its students, Sophia College has always actively and enthusiastically participated in the NCC. The students are motivated to move out of the ambits of their house and offer dedicated service to the nation. The college NCC Unit functions under 5 Raj Girls Battalion, Udaipur.
The National Service Scheme aims at creating awareness among the students about society and also to inculcate in them a humanitarian attitude towards their less fortunate brethren. NSS volunteers are expected to devote 120 hours towards social service in an academic year. The highlight of the scheme is a 7 day Special Camp. There are also single day camps, visits to adopted areas, group discussions, debates, tree-plantations, free educational guidance to poor students and various competitions for the volunteers. Rallies, Nukkad Nataks and Flash Mobs are organized on the days of national importance throughout the year. Students who remain volunteers for 2 years are awarded certificates recognized by the Government of India. The N.S.S. follows the policy of ‘Each One Teach One’ where each NSS volunteer takes the responsibility of teaching a child every day. Volunteers also participate in the National Integration Camp each year.

Spectrum the Dramatics Club of Sophia College is involved in conducting activities and workshops on acting, directing, script writing, and stage setting of plays. It gives the students ample opportunities to prove themselves and excel at dramatics. The Club encourages students to unleash their hidden potential and refine their dramatic skills. The Annual English and Hindi Plays of this club are always the talk of the town. This year, Spectrum adapted the Annual English play titled ‘Night of January 16th’ by Ayn Rand & Annual Hindi play titled “Bade Sa’ab” by Shyam Mathur.
In keeping with the changing trends of society women need to be more independent and confident. They need to know about their rights and duties. Women Development Cell of the College provides a platform to the students for discussing women oriented issues relevant in the current social scenario. Thus the Forum aims at sensitizing young girls on issues related to women and empowers them by making them aware about their rights and potential.
PICASSO-The Artists’ Club
This new forum is for students with an artistic bent of mind. It provides colors, canvas and a chance to release their creativity. The Picasso Club is a perfect way to relieve stress and hone their artistic and creative skills with a group of like – minded students. In the very first year of its inception, the Club beautifully revamped the College canteen.
The Club laid its foundation in 2017 to keep pace with the changing time and help Students of Sophia College become job givers instead of job seekers in the future. It aids students from all socio-economic background to think out of the box and nurture unconventional talents and hone their entrepreneurial skills.
PAHELI – The Quizzers’ Club
This Club organizes Quizzes on general awareness and issues of National and International importance where the interested students can participate freely. It helps students to think, analyze and update their understanding of the world around them.