Sophia Girls’ College, Ajmer
Sophia Girls' College
(Autonomous), Ajmer
Seat of Wisdom

Principal’s Message


Prof. Sr. Pearl


“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” - George Bernard Shaw

Changes have forever been the inevitable part of human history. Though, they are always treated with resistance, they play an important role in the growth and development of an individual, a community and the nation as a whole. Sophia always inspires its students to be the vessels of the very change, they wish to see in society. Therefore, continuous efforts are made through various curricular, co-curricular and outreach activities to impart values such as cooperation, team spirit, discipline, sensitivity towards nature and love for the country.

Great achievements are always preceded by numerous challenges, changes and lessons. Sophia is blessed with a dedicated team of Academic, Administrative and Supporting Staff whose steadfast loyalty and devotion towards the institution led to the attainment of A+ Grade (3.28 on a 4-point scale) in the year 2022-23, which was an uphill battle.

“The pursuit of knowledge (Gyaan), Wisdom (Pragyaa) and truth (Satya) was always considered in Indian thought and philosophy, as the highest human goal.” -NEP 2020

In the year 2023-24, Sophia added another gem to its glorious crown by taking up the marathon task of reframing the curriculum, the syllabi, the examination pattern and the marking scheme in accordance to NEP 2020 and establishing itself as one of the pioneers in the state of Rajasthan to successfully implement it.

Sophia has a great heritage consecrated in its motto, 'Seek ye Wisdom' . It continues to stand tall to its ideals of fostering and nurturing conscientious, enlightened, socially responsible and empowered citizens. The graces of the Almighty, the vision of it's founders and the hard work of it's members have contributed towards the success of this institution. We have completed 65 years and aspire to achieve new milestones everyday.

Let us together, continue the journey of achieving excellence in all domains, addressing social issues, stimulating the culture of research and initiating positive changes.

May the Good Lord guide us in all our future endeavors and lead this institution towards the path charged with unbounding possibilities.

Thank you and God Bless