Learning in health and well being ensures that the students develop the knowledge and understanding needed for their mental, physical and emotional growth. These courses bring about an overall change in the personality of the students. These courses help the body to relax and appease the mind. They bring positivity among the students and also augments the concentration among them. Some of these courses are:
1. Basic Yoga

2. Basic Swimming Techniques

3. Aerobics

4. Games and Sports

5. Self Defence

6. Gym fitness


Skill Development Certificate courses are no longer a matter of choice; rather it is the need of the hour. These courses offer a futuristic approach, preparing the students for various industries and job market. Sophia Girls’ College believes in the overall development of the students by imparting them with much needed skills. The Course duration is 30 contact hours

1. Basic SPSS : The course in SPSS will enhance the analytical skills of the students which in turn will be an additional benefit for their research work and later will provide them with a job of data analyst.

2. Personality Development: This job oriented course helps to evolve an admirable disposition and makes an individual get pragmatic thought pattern, gain confidence, ameliorate etiquette learn better communication and ensue better physique.

3. Dyeing and Printing: This course trains the girls in areas like illustrating, dyeing and printing techniques. This course gives the girls an edge to multitudinous job opportunities and trains them to become young entrepreneurs

4. Photography: Photography can be embraced both as a hobby and a career avenue. Students attending this course learn- camera operations, lighting, photo shop etc. Students can also market themselves as a professional photographer.

5. Soft Skills: This course revolves around the whole ambit of positive qualities that can enhance an individual’s personality. These skills help an individual to develop strong inter personal relations.

6. Alternative Medicines and Home Remedies: The widespread use of alternative medicines and home remedies is of vital importance in the present world. This course will make the students aware of the need of alternative medicines and home remedies and later they can open their own centre for this.

7. Tally: Tally is a software used by small, medium and large scale industries. There is a huge demand for Tally professionals now. The students opting for this course have an edge over others. Tally can provide a leap to the career by enriching the knowledge in accounting, taxation and inventory management.


In the present world, due to massive competition, students need job oriented courses to sustain them. The institution offers a wide variety of these courses which provides the students a platform to explore. The duration of these courses is 30 contact hours.

1. Communicative English: English in today’s scenario is the most sought after language. This course will improve the accuracy and fluency in producing and understanding spoken and written English. It will also enhance their vocabulary and heighten their awareness of correct usage of English grammar.

2. Functional Hindi: The course aims to teach the use of writing, reading and communicating in Hindi language. Today, Hindi has captured the medium of mass media, stock market, rail, airplane, insurance Industries, banks etc. It will instill the much needed confidence in students while they use the language in their everyday life.

3. Management of Domestic Gadgets and Appliances: the course will introduce the students to a wide variety of home applications, their usage and management in the long run. It will equip them to manage their own gadgets and appliances.

4. Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning : The course will help the students to develop their numerical abilities and logical thinking. This course will be extremely useful for all kinds of competitive exams like Common Aptitude Test (CAT),MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT , Bank Competitive Exams, ICET, UPSC Competitive Exams, CLAT, SSC Competitive Exams, etc.

5. Animation Designing: Animation is the technique of using successive drawings or other art to simulate movement. Students of animation designing can learn and implement many valuable skills in the course of their study, such as discipline, how to use the latest software, and the dedication it takes to bring their art to life. These skills will carry through into all aspects of life, no matter what career they end up taking.

6. Business Communication Skills : Regardless of industry, communication is essential in the workplace. The course will help students to develop their communication skills at different levels of the workplace so they can excel at their work.

7. Baking and Confectionary: To impart basic knowledge related to the principles and techniques of baking and to teach them various food products related to baking and confectionary.


In today’s fast moving world, diploma courses offer a more practical insight into the subject, strengthen the profile and broaden the skills and personality of an individual. The institution offers these 8 diploma courses keeping in mind the need and demand of the outer world. The duration of these courses is 90 contact hours.

1. Journalism: A diploma course in journalism makes a student an informant, a watch dog and a storyteller. This learning transforms a timid, naïve student into a confident, attentive student with an evaluating eye and a moving pen.

2. Yoga: The course aims to enhance the physical, mental and social health of the students. The curriculum enhances inter- personal skills and promotes self- employment.

3. French: French is one of the most famous and extensively spoken languages in the world. The competence to speak French is an asset in International job market. The knowledge of French, offers- access to literature, films, fashion and songs. Sophia Girls’ College understands the need of the students and in order to make the girls competent for different jobs offers this course.

4. Dyeing and Printing: This is a diploma which offers the students with various principles of designing with dyeing and printing techniques. In this the students are taught the art of creating vibrant designs using different techniques and colours.

5. Interior Designing:Interior designing is an upcoming professional field attracting a lot of young generation. Through this diploma course student will learn about the creative planning and artistic design of interior spaces.

6. Sustainable Development: The basic objective of the course is to make students aware about the concept of sustainability, its importance, theories and best practices. Upon completion the prospective students will develop a cognitive framework enabling them to understand and solve real world complex problems in a more holistic and innovative way. With the increasing global acceptance towards sustainability which has become a fast growing discipline with lots of potential for sustainability professionals.

7. Geographical Information System (GIS) : Diploma Program in GIS provides a synergic understanding of multiple disciplines, namely remote sensing, photogrammetry, cartography, GPS and geodesy imparting theoretical as well as hand-on training to students. It deals with spatial and non-spatial data, their methods of acquisition, management, analysis, display, and dissemination oriented to real world problems of the natural and man-made environments.

8. Graphic Designing :The course will equip the students with the knowledge of multimedia, Animation and building Games applying the use of graphics. The program instills in aspirants the skills of using different multimedia tools and principles to be applied in building designs through the digital medium.

Other Courses offered which are common to the students across all courses include:

1. Cambridge Communicative English (BEC)


3. Instrumental Music

4. Dramatics

5. Language Lab

6. Journalism