Health and Well Being Courses ensure that the students develop the required knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of mental, physical and emotional well-being. These courses bring about an overall change in the personality of the students. These courses help the body to relax and soothe the mind. They bring positivity among the students and also help to augment concentration in them. Some of these courses are:
1. Basic Yoga

2. Basic Swimming Techniques

3. Aerobics

4. Games and Sports

5. Self Defence


Skill Development Certificate Courses are no longer a matter of choice; rather they are the need of the hour. These courses offer a futuristic approach, preparing the students for the diverse and demanding job market. Sophia Girls’ College works towards the overall development of the students by imparting relevant skills. The Course duration is 30 Contact Hours.
1. Food Preservation: The Course provides pertinent knowledge and skill of the various methods of food preservation and food processing to the students in order to enhance the nutritive value and taste of various food products.

2. Baking and Confectionary: The Course aims to impart basic knowledge related to the principles and techniques of baking and to teach them to make various baking and confectionary food products.

3. Jewelry Making: It is an innovative Course that blends conceptualization of jewelry design and manufacturing of various jewelry products. Through this Course the students learn both mechanical and aesthetic attributes of jewelry designing.

4. Dyeing and Printing: The Course trains the students in skills like Illustrating and Dyeing and Printing Techniques. This Course gives the students an edge of multitudinous job opportunities and trains them to become young entrepreneurs.

5. Photography:Photography can be embraced both as a hobby and a career avenue. Students attending this Course learn about Camera Operations, Lighting, and Photoshop etc. Students can further market themselves as a Professional Photographer.

6. Soft Skills:The Course revolves around the whole ambit of positive qualities that can enhance an individual’s personality. This Course helps an individual to develop strong inter-personal skills that are highly valued in the job industry.

7. English Communication Skills: English is the most sought language in the job industry today. This Course will improve the fluency and accuracy in spoken and written English. It will also enhance their vocabulary and awareness of correct usage of English grammar.

8. Fine Arts: The Course in Fine Arts will help the students to foster sensitivity, understanding, and appreciation for the endless artistic things that surround them. The Course is conducted under the guidance and supervision of specialized facilitators.

9. Creative Craft: The Course in Creative Craft helps the student to employ both physical and mental skills, flourish creativity and promote exploration, experimentation and invention. Crafts that are taught include kniitting, Crochet etc.
10. Course in Birding: The Course gives basic knowledge of observing and identifying birds in their natural environment and understanding their behavior. This Course will enable the students to pursue their career in various fields of Ornithology as Guides, Research Assistants etc.


In the present competitive world, students need Job Oriented Courses to enhance their skill-sets and sustain them. The Institution offers a wide variety of these courses which provides the students a platform to expand their vocational skills. The duration of these courses is 30 Contact Hours.
1. Personality Development: This Job Oriented Course helps students to evolve an admirable disposition and imbibe pragmatic thought pattern, gain confidence, ameliorate etiquette, learn better communication and ensue better physique. The Course aims at enhancing their individual personality to give them an edge in the job market.

2. Human Rights: This Job Oriented Course aims to strengthen the knowledge of human rights and instill understanding, respect and solidarity among the students towards difference and empower them to tackle prejudice in their own lives and of others. It aims to bring sensitivity among the students to work towards bringing about human rights, justice and dignity for all.

3. Library Sciences: This Course targets the advancement of crucial skills and knowledge among students with regard to efficient collection and management of information in the Libraries.

4. Short Films and Documentaries: This Job Oriented Course trains the students in the art of short film and documentary making. It aids the students to work collaboratively under high pressure and artistic ambience.
5. Developing Mobile applications: The students will be able to explore various elements of mobile application development- like designing, techniques, methodologies etc. The students will be made competent in creating new mobile applications.

6. Tally: Tally Software is used extensively by small, medium and large scale industries. There is a huge demand for Tally Professionals in the job market. The students opting for this Course can gain an edge in their career by enriching their knowledge of Accounting, Taxation and Inventory Management.

7. Basic Accounting and E-Commerce: This Job Oriented Course acquaints the students with the concept of e-commerce, designing and building of an e-commerce system and the challenges faced in it in accordance with the needs of the industry.

8. Alternative Medicines and Home Remedies: The use of alternative medicines and home remedies is graining widespread prominence today. This Course will make the students learn the techniques of alternative medicines and home remedies, which they can later use to set up their own business in the same field.

9. Beauty Culture: The growth and demand of the beauty industry is taking place at a fast pace. This Course will train the students to work in the fashion industry as Beauticians, Hair Dressers etc.

10. SPSS:The Course in SPSS will enhance the research and analytical skills of the students which will make them competent in careers in research and data analysis.


In today’s fast moving world, Diploma Courses offer a more practical insight into the subject, strengthen the profile and broaden the skills and personality of an individual. The Institution offers the following 5 Diploma Courses keeping in mind the need and demand of the competitive job market. The duration of these courses is 60 Contact Hours.
1. Journalism: A Diploma Course in Journalism makes a student an informant, a watch dog and a storyteller. This learning transforms a timid, naïve student into a confident, attentive one with an evaluating eye and a moving pen.

2. Yoga:The Diploma Course aims to enhance the physical, mental and social health of the students. The Course Curriculum enhances inter-personal skills and promotes self-employment.

3. French: French is one of the most extensively spoken languages in the world. The competence to speak French is an asset in the International job market. The knowledge of French offers access to the diverse French literature, films, fashion and songs. Sophia Girls’ College understands the need of language competency in diverse jobs, thus offers a Diploma Course in French.

4. Dyeing and Printing: Diploma in Dyeing and Printing teaches the students various dyeing and printing techniques. In this Course the students are given the basic knowledge about the nuances of designing clothes using dyeing and printing techniques.

5. Interior Designing: Interior designing is an upcoming professional field attracting the young generation. Through this Diploma Course students will learn about the creative art of planning and designing artistic interior spaces.