Student Welfare Committee

The Student Welfare Committee works to remove any hurdle that might arise in the path of a student’s learning process. The goal is to develop the student’s proficiency at par with national and international standards. The committee is responsible to work according to the rules of the institution and nurture confident young ladies in the process. The committee works in close proximity with the Deputy Head Girls of the College.

Faculty in-charge of Student Welfare Committee
S.No. Name Designation
1     Prof. Sr. Pearl    Principal
2    Dr. Sr. Rani    Dean (Vice Principal)
3    Dr. Asha Sharma    Head, Department of Psychology
4     Dr. Madhumita Hussain    Department of Geography
5    Dr. Suneeta Rao    Department of Chemistry
6   Ms. Samreen Maharaj    P.G. Deputy Head Girl
7     Ms. Shalini Vyas    Arts Deputy Head Girl
8    Ms. Sahiba Devnani    Honours Deputy Head Girl
9    Ms. Rincy Anthony    Science Deputy Head Girl
10     Ms. Deepanshi Jain    Commerce Deputy Head Girl
11    Ms. Mimansa Malhotra    Management Deputy Head Girl
12    Ms. Prerna Lalwani    Computer Science Deputy Head Girl
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Student Welfare Committee