Planning and Monitoring Cell

The Planning and Monitoring Cell reviews the budget requirements of various departments. It also reviews the minutes of the Department Meetings and all other committees. It also regulates the academic calendar as per the UGC Guidelines. This Cell evaluates and plans the curricular and extra-curricular activities. It strives towards advancement in Research and Development activities in the College. This Cell also conducts seminars, workshops, and conferences at the national and international level.

Faculty in-charge of the Planning and Monitoring Cell
S.No. Name
1    Prof.Sr.Pearl(Principal)
2    Dr. Sister Rani(Coordinator)
3    Prof. Monika Kannan
4    Prof. Sandra Lee
5    Prof. Jyoti Chandel
6    Mr. Gautam Chaturvedi
7    Dr. Mriganka Upadhayay
8    Dr. Persis Latika Dass
9    Dr. Asha Sharma
10    Mr.Raman Tiwari
11    Mr Satish Kumar
12    Sister Swapna
13    Dr. Neha Sharma
14    Sister Preetam
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