Library & Information


  • The Department of Library and Information Science will play a pivotal role in preparing information professionals to accomplish access to, and management of information in all its forms as it has become a basic need in a modern, dynamic and knowledgeable society. LIS course will contribute individual strengths to increase the quality of teaching, research and service that will maintain the department as a centre of excellence.


  • To educate the students in the philosophy of librarianship, basic principles, fundamental laws, professional ethics skills of information knowledge processing, organization and retrieval.

  • To train the students in the management of Library and Information Centre.

  • To enable the students to understand and appreciate the purposes of Library and Information Centres in the changing social, cultural, technological and economic environment.

  • To train the students with basics of information and communication technology and its applications in Libraries & Information Centres.

  • To collaborate with other Departments to create a centre with potential for excellence in Library and Information Science (LIS).

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