Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

To provide for the effective enforcement of the basic human right of gender equality and guarantee against sexual harassment and abuse, Sophia Girls’ College, Ajmer has constituted a Committee against Sexual Harassment as per the Guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission.
The Cell promotes measures for achieving removal of sexual harassment, gender bias and other acts of gender based violence by organizing various awareness programmes and campaigns for the benefit of all. The Cell assures that the complaints of the students and teaching and non-teaching staff are kept confidential and treated with dignity and respect.
False Reporting: Intentionally making a false report or providing false information is considered an act of indiscipline, invoking strict action by the Committee. All Grievances should be mailed to

Staff Members In charge of the Anti Sexual Harassment Committee are:
S.No. Name
1     Prof. Sister Pearl    Principal(Chairperson)
2     Dr. Sister Rani     Coordinator(Vice Prinipal)
3     Mr. Gautam Chaturvedi    Department of Computer Science
4     Dr. Asha Sharma    Department of Psychology
5     Sr. Carol Geeta    NGO Representative
6     Mrs. Vilencia Patrick    Assistant Librarian
7     Mrs. Pooja Tunwal    Maintenance Staff Representative
8     Ms. Swati Motwani    Student Representative
Internal Complaint Committee
1     Dr. Sister Rani     Coordinator(Vice Prinipal)
2     Mr. Gautam Chaturvedi    Department of Computer Science
3     Dr. Sandhya    Department of Botany
4     Dr. Asha Sharma    Department of Psychology
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Anti Sexual Harassment Cell
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