Time Table Committee

The Time Table Committee is essential for effective management of academic programmes throughout the year. The Committee has an active involvement of members of various departments and it configures the time table based on the feasibility and comfort of all departments. The Time Table prepared by the Committee also includes provisions for remedial courses, value education courses and mentor mentee sessions in order to provide a platform for healthy interaction between teachers and students.

Staff Members In charge of the Time Table Committee are:
S.No. Name
1     Prof. Jyoti Chandel (Coordinator)
2   Prof. Sandra Lee
3    Mr. Gautam Chaturvedi
4    Dr. Deepmala Singhal
5    Dr. Taruna Sethi
6    Prof. Monika Kannan
7    Dr. Mriganka Upadhayay
8    Dr. Persis Latika Dass
9    Ms. Divya Mishra
10    Mr.Raman Tiwari
11    Dr. Jyoti Jagwani
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