Environmental Responsibility

To be successful to the core, it is necessary for an organization to be integrated with its surroundings; taking care of environment sustainability not only within, but also around it. In consonance with the same, Sophia College demonstrates care and concern for the global climate by using clean and renewable sources of energy.

Our Institute generates an astonishing amount of 100 KWH of electricity of which 40KWH is stored in inverter off grid with 9000 ampere capacity battery bank, while 60KWH is generated on grid. This is done through 344 solar panels which provide electricity to the entire College and also supplies its surplus electricity to the Government. The generated electricity is used to operate all the Computer Labs, Lights, Fans, Refrigerators, Projectors, Water Purifiers, and Air Conditioners etc. on Campus. 18 individual Solar Street Lights illumine the Campus at night.

Other heating systems of the College also follow the concept of sustainability i.e. the use of three Solar Water Heating systems of 3500 litres capacity and the operational use of Biogas for cooking purposes. The key concept of sustainability lies in making the best use of available resources and simultaneously saving them for use by the future generations. Sophia College implements this idea by making the optimum use of its resources.

Mother Earth has already lost much of its forestlands and this is the major concern of the hour. With an initiative to make the World a greener place, the College boasts of a lush green, eco-friendly Campus and organizes regular Tree Plantation Drives in the monsoon. The purpose of the initiative is to grow more trees on Campus and in the surrounding areas. An invaluable, yet depleting resource - Water is also collected and preserved via the Rainwater Conservation System which directs all the rainwater to the wells.

Thus, Sophia College by utilizing its available resources to their optimum capacity, responsibly contributes towards conservation and sustainability of the environment.