Sophia Girls College Ajmer



To develop a sense to understand Sociology as an independent discipline and its applicability in various social settings. It aims at promoting a sociological imagination which would prepare the students for further research and allow them to probe objectively and scientifically. The department endeavours to promote awareness about myriad social issues and  how additionally, the vision is to make students responsible and functional members of the society and citizens of global world.


  • To create a learning environment not only in classrooms but also to reach out and comprehend the nuances of learning along with developing critical thinking among students through their course of study.
  • It tries to familiarize the students write various social processes, latent concepts and varying sociological perspectives in such a way that they build strong foundations for the subject in the initial years of their college education.
  • It aims at helping students to make reasoned arguments based on social facts along with educating them how important ‘interaction’ is in learning Sociology.